My Gifts Journal

A Holy Experience A challenge that I am embracing is The Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience

I am challenged to work on my perspective of being thankful in all things. The scavenger of hunt of finding joys through out my day intrigues me and helps stretch me on what I am thankful for.



2016 Gifts Journal

  1. Gift Heard – the auctioneer saying my bid number as I won the 3 Russian Lacquer Boxes
  2. Gift Heard – the quiet of the crisp winter day
  3. Gift Heard – That I am loved despite my short comings
  4. Enjoying a Fat Smitty’s Burger on the way home from vacation
  5. A beautiful view of the water before we left
  6. Being back home after vacation
  7. Challenge / vision to stand firm – serve heard @ church
  8. possible snow
  9. worship music @ church
  10. old words with fresh many and life for today
  11. new opportunities
  12. blue coaster made by Jeremiah for Christmas
  13. reading thru the descriptions of books for our next face to face study
  14. making the cross stitch project; dinner and breakfast in the crock pots
  15. seeing the photos from Christmas
  16. my car keys so I can drive and not have to walk
  17. in my fridge – the spinach egg casserole and salad for breakfast
  18. my heart – connecting at Gracepoint and serve opportunities that God has allowed
  19. Grace from a friend – good conversation, accountablity
  20. Grace from my son – his sweet smile and demanor
  21. Grace from the bible study ladies – their excitement
  22. Glimpse of God’s protection
  23. Jesus’s grace and love in the hard
  24. shadows cast by God’s creation
  25. held – my phone showing me a photo of my brand new niece
  26. sitting with my family at dinner
  27. sour dreams teaching me to pray more and differently
  28. sweet – dark chocolate Roca Bark
  29. just right – stitchin and reading before bed
  30. daylight streaming thru the skylights as I walked with a dear friend
  31. a good conversation in a hard situation – hopeful optimism
  32. the rain watering the earth after the past drought
  33. the massive rain we received
  34. shoes to stay dry as I walked in an out of the outdoors
  35. lights to see my cross stitch well
  36. thankful that God has taught me patience over the years
  37. thankful that I have learned to be a better listener
  38. thankful that I love to read and have read so many books that God is using in this season
  39. God’s forgiveness and grace even in the little
  40. God’s care for me in the details
  41. God’s provision
  42. the sweater given at Christmas….beautiful, soft, and warm
  43. time given during conversations with sharing – encouraging – investing into others lives
  44. shared love for God’s word and what He has for us
  45. the witnessed blessing of sleep and rest
  46. the witnessed blessing of fun and joy from eating at a favorite restaurant
  47. the witnessed blessing of a tender  young heart accepting correction
  48. bringing prayer the gift of a miracle at the pharmacy
  49. bringing laughter the gift of winning the door prize and thinking I would never win anything
  50. bringing quiet – the gift of the news clip about Burkina, the attack, and Tom and Katy sharing their heart with the world
  51. the reminder from Exodus about the sacrifice Jesus made for me and the price of freedom
  52. the reminder in Matthew that from the abundance of my heart my mouth will speak (Mt. 12:34b)
  53. the reminder to not simply remove the areas of bondage but to replace and build in their place truth
  54. the three lots closing ….giving a bit of hope that this just might work
  55. cauliflower mash with dinner ……cauliflower has been so hard to find, what a treat to have it at dinner
  56. dinner in the crock pot …..because we are blessed with power to not have to worry about dinner a different way
  57. the e-mail received with important information in it
  58. the mystery, the fear dispelled, and the situation has been taken care of
  59. free coffee …… unplanned, unexpected, a blessing
  60. the break in the clouds from the intense sound of the rain on the windows
  61. the abundant amount of water through the rain
  62. the ability to recall information learned years ago as I return to something I have done previously
  63. sitting at the piano practicing for the upcoming musical this fall
  64. sitting at my desk enjoying the summer sunshine
  65. sitting with my husband enjoying each others company

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