Review: The Paleo Chef by Pete Evans

Fall 2014 began our journey to understand and live out the Paleo Diet. It has been an interesting journey and in many ways has just begun. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. This particular diet calls for us to remove a lot of foods that have been staples in our diet and replace them with new ones. As a busy family quick and easy are important because not every night is there time to spend a long time in the kitchen.

When The Paleo Chef cookbook came in the mail both my husband and I were excited. New recipes to add to our arsenal of what we would be able to cook (and it would be tasty!) The cover is simple and clean. The recipes throughout the book are colorful providing photos to help you see what the end product should look like.  The recipes are laid out in a manner that is very easy to understand and follow.  I enjoyed the fact that there are base recipes in the back of the book that are used throughout the other dishes made in the book. The ingredients used in the recipes that we have tried have for the most part been items we can find locally or have been able to find an adequate substitute. The stories through out connect the cook with the chef in a more personal way.

My family and I have enjoyed the ideas that we have gotten from reading the cookbook as well as the recipes we have tried so far. It is going to be a cookbook we refer back to and cook from as we continue this journey on the Paleo Diet.


** Thanks “Blogging for Books” for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it. **