Review ………… The Leadership Handbook by John C. Maxwell


Two things off the bat that I was impressed with in John Maxwell’s new “Leadership Handbook 26 Critical Lessons Every Leader Needs” were the chapters were not overly long AND there were application and mentor moments accompanying each chapter. The conclusion reminds the reader of the beginning and that was to take time and learn and / or teach the material. When I read it the first time at the beginning of the book I hesitated to believe that this was a book I should live out the lesson a week and teach it to someone else the next week. By the end of the book my thought had changed – the nuggets of truth in each chapter are such that I want to go back and slowly work through and teach my team these truths.

The word that God has given me this year is Intentional. One area that I want to grow in is to be more intentional in my leadership. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to pause, reflect, refresh my perspective and energy. Reading thru each of these chapters I was encouraged and challenged in how I can grow as a person and also as a leader. John Maxwell does an excellent job telling you a story and then bringing home practical application of the truths presented. The book also refers to other books he has written that are more in depth on the topics that he presents in each chapter.

Here are the top things I walked away with:
1. I was reminded to work in and on my strengths.
2. I was reminded that we each have our role and we need to not force us or others into a role that we are not designed for.
3. I was reminded that I should reflect on my day. Learning what I can from the failures and successes and not simply living life but being intentional in life.
4. I was challenged to work on asking the right questions of the right person.
5. I was encouraged that being a good listener is important.
6. I was encouraged and challenged to check my motives, my passions, and my faith when it comes to the path I am on and the legacy I want to live.

I walked away finishing this book wanting to reread it slowly. I have numerous books by John Maxwell on the shelf at home, I look forward to including his books in the books I am planning to read.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Look for Bloggers and the Publishers  in exchange for my opinions on this book.