Review: Nobody’s Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle


Life long friendships are not something you hear a lot about any more, in her memoir “Nobody’s Cuter Than You” Melanie shares about her friendships formed during college. I enjoy reading a variety of books, I was surprised that I found myself struggling to get into this book. There are moments of funny, sad, and depth of life as Melanie shares her life story with us. One reason I think I struggled with getting into it at first is that my life is vastly different than hers which made it hard for me to relate. The other reason is that I don’t have a lot of life long friendships as she describes; yet if we are all honest it is something that we all want to have characterize our own story.

Melanie’s writing is humorous and easy to read; I was left feeling like I was having coffee with her and listening to her describe what life had been and is like. Through the words on the page you see communicated real life, the ups and downs, sorrows and joys. You are given the privilege of walking along side her as she grows up, goes to college, gets married, and has a family. At the end of reading the memoir, I was left to ponder my friendships and take account. A mix of depth and humor this is a book that will leave you laughing and thinking.

Thank you to Tyndale Publishing for my copy of the book to review in exchange for my opinion of the book.


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