Review: From Tablet to Table by Leonard Sweet


“The greatest blessing you will ever bestow in your life you may never know. And you don’t need to know. We don’t have to do spectacular things. We just have to keep doing what God has called us to do. In a very real sense, that boils down to bringing people to the table, and trusting God to take what we’ve planted and sown to bring in a harvest decades or generations later.” P160 From Tablet to Table

When I read the title for Leonard Sweet’s latest book my initial thought was curiosity over how he would be presenting how to live out what we learn in the Bible. While my initial thought was partial correct so much more was presented in this book. From Tablet to Table is not a long book, a little over 160 pages. Sweet takes the reader through an in-depth look at where a follower of Jesus’ identity should be formed and also the importance of a practice that is a quickly dying – that of the table.  Sweet explains how important the table and meals were in Scripture.  One interesting point he made is that Jesus was always a guest at dinner but you see Him acting as the host. It was important to Jesus, and yet it easily gets over looked when looking at what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Sharing a meal over a table. No distractions. No time frames. Just you and your family, or friends, or perhaps your enemy. Sweet walks you through the importance and how the table forms who we are.

I left the book encouraged to protect family dinners and challenged to not under estimate the power of gathering around the table and sharing a meal. One other take away has to do with how I view the Bible; a reminder that it was not written in “verse” form but rather story form. I easily look at the verses and forget that it is part of a bigger story. Walked away with the reminder to do both. An interesting and intriguing book that challenges your thinking and understanding of the importance of the table, sharing a meal, and being a follower of Jesus.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it. Thanks Tyndale House Publishing!