Coloring, A Journal, and Prayer ….. my thoughts


This summer I found myself picking up colored pencils and colored gel pens and coloring. As a girl I always enjoyed coloring, it was a fun way to pass the time and the use of different colors to make a black and white page jump to life was fun. The process was the enjoyable piece, much more than the end product. I found myself finding printable coloring pages that were simple yet with depth of geometric and complexity.

Tyndale Publishing has a collection out called Living Expressions (more information on their latest products can be found here) I had the privilege of getting to review and color their praise and prayer journal called GRATITUDE. This journal is a little smaller than a paper back book and not overly thick. I like the fact that the cover is of thicker material so it doesn’t crease or bend as easy. The layout of the book is a combination of journal space, scripture, and coloring opportunities. The designs presented are varied – from complex to beautifully simple. The topics in the journal are varied, as well as the response opportunities – writing, coloring, drawing, reading.

I enjoyed the fact that as I colored the pictures I had an opportunity to really think about and prayer through what the topic was on those pages. I love to journal, its one way I process what I am learning, what is on my heart and all that God is teaching me (or what He wants me to learn) so the opportunity to write a response or a prayer request related to the topic was a good combination for me. The size of the coloring journal is just right, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I can easily grab it and some coloring utensils and take it with me to use while I am at one of my kids events, or when I need to sit and have a few minutes of spare time. I enjoy being creative and with my busy schedule, I don’t always have time to be creative. This journal – is a great way for me to be able to be creative in a small amount of time.

I would recommend the journal if you are looking for a new coloring journal. Be sure to check out Tyndale Creative on Pintrest (click here).

God created us, He is the ultimate artist – picking up coloring, and coloring with a purpose has and will be an activity that slows me down to connect with Him. I am a math and science type of gal, I enjoy the to do lists, playing with spreadsheets – coloring with purpose has been an opportunity for me to connect with My Heavenly Father in a fresh way – no agenda, no to do lists – just simply me and the Most High. I didn’t except the result I have had with how it has helped me be still – but it has helped me learn to be still. It has also helped me to recognize His creative ways a little more quickly than before.

What are some ways you are creative? Maybe its time to try something different – or start something back up.


A big thank you to Tyndale Publishing for the free Gratitude Coloring Journal in exchange for my honest opinion.