A Review of: One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview by Jason B. Ladd

us-flagRed. White. Blue.

Three colors evoke different word pictures for different people. When the US National Anthem begins to play something deep inside me stirs, a sense of patriotism but also a deep sense of respect. Why? Because I am the daughter a United States serviceman. During the my life time we have experienced time of war and time of peace. I currently have the privilege of living in a navy town, I haven’t moved to far away from my roots. When I was approached to read “One of the Few”, the story of a marine pilot and how he came to a relationship with Jesus, I was intrigued. Intrigued to read what he had to say and to learn about his journey of faith.

“One of the Few” is Jason Ladd’s personal story. It is a book that has specific stories from his childhood and career mixed with what he learned from a spiritual journey as he researched and learned more about Jesus Christ and what it means to follow him. Throughout this book he addresses cultural issues and how the culture, other religions and the Bible looks at these issues.

As the book progresses you are brought into his story and experience the questions, the doubts, and the realizations the final part where you are left with no doubt that he firmly places his trust in God. A lot of come to Jesus stories are drama intense, but some are simple stories of people seeking God and the truth and finding it. I enjoyed the intellectual questions and answers that Jason presented. No matter where you are in your journey of understanding who Jesus is and a relationship with Him there are things to be learned and that will give you reason to pause.

A solider is known when he is taken captive to simply give his name, rank, and serial number, one of my favorite quotes and ones that I will work to remember is in chapter 25 and says this “Let our response to demonic interrogation be: “I am a Christian, saved by the grace of God, loyal to his son, and equal among my brethren in the eyes of the Lord.” Powerful. Concise. Packs a giant punch.

“One of the Few” is very articulate and very logical, with personal every day stories sprinkled with spiritual correlations. Whether you have a background that relates to the military or not this is a book I would recommend reading.

*A big thank you to Jason B. Ladd for the copy of the book so I could read and share my thoughts on the book.*

Jason B. Ladd @ http:/www.jasonbladd.com