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Welcome to The Redeemed Prodigal!

My name is Gail, a redeemed prodigal, a follower of Jesus whose life has been thru a lot of ups and down, twists and turns; full of learning and unlearning things. Through the journey of a divorce, depression, anxiety, a son with special needs I have experienced the grace of God and the redemption He brings.

My journey to following Jesus with my all includes acknowledging that I ran from Him and like the prodigal, desperately needed and wanted Him to embrace me again. Like the Prodigal son in Luke, God has received me with open arms and loves me. The journey I am on is a work that God continues to show up in and beautify. I am not perfect, if you find someone who is please let me know! My life is an example of God’s amazing grace and love. I am proof that God shows up in the mess and beauty will emerge.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and our sons. We are a blended family and that is one of the many beautiful challenges of our life. I love to get lost in a good book while sipping a cup of coffee and listening to music. I also love to take pictures, and will often use them here on the blog. There is something powerful about a moment captured in a photo. I believe that God is up to big things all around us. He is in the business of taking what is broken and making it new, and He wants us to join Him on that mission.

My hope and prayer is that my love for writing and to grow in my speaking will be a tool used to help propel you on your journey of faith in following Jesus. Together we can learn what it means to better lead, follow and love like Jesus.

Will you join me on this journey? A journey to be encouraged and challenged.

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