Summer speeds by….. a review of a good book

Summer speeds by….. a review of a good book

Every year seems to be a little faster than the year before. I look at the calendar and am amazed that it is almost the end of August, it seemed like I was wishing winter away and now fall is quickly approaching. I have not written nearly as much as I had anticipated in the beginning of the year, but I am learning that life often does not go as we would like or expect, but choosing joy and working to enjoy the process of walking through life with  Jesus.

I love to read and one series of books I read over this winter and spring is Joel Rosenberg’s J.B. Collins series. If you have never read one of Joel’s book, I highly recommend them. They are excellently written and I was quickly engrossed into the story line.

I initially set out to read the newest book in the series: Without Warning and decided to full understand the story line I needed to read the first two books before I read it.

Without Warning is the third and last in the JB Collins series. Joel Rosenberg quickly recaps but does not spend a lot of time before the story quickly picks up and moves forward. While the book is a fictional book, it connects with the reader of our current geopolitical world. With each page turn, I was wondering how will this end, will it end with a happy ending, with the good guys winning? Without spoiling the ending I will say this, it didn’t end quite the way I thought it would, but the ending shows how God works in ways we would not imagine nor quite the way we would write our own story. Through out the book it is evident that Joel has done his research and is very knowledgeable in understanding the countries and players within the Middle East. I finished the book with a different perspective and understanding of the times we live in, the various tensions and the various players in the complex issues we are facing today. I didn’t want the story to end and yet the story comes to a close in a way that fits the story line well. This was a delightful book to read and one that I enjoyed immensely. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good political mystery thriller. Thanks Tyndale Publishing for my complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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