The Challenge of being Quiet, of choosing to be still

The Challenge of being Quiet, of choosing to be still

Coffee shops are not quiet but they are a place of quiet for me. I sit quietly, taking in the smells of coffee, listening to conversations all around me. The sun is out today and shining on my back. Here I sit simply sitting, taking it all in and working to be still. Why is being still so hard? To rest? To be quiet. My body screams at me that it needs the rest. My heart aches for this moment of quiet. No specific agenda. No specific thing that must be done. The drink of the afternoon is chocolate, coffee, mixed with ice…. I may have trouble sleeping tonight but its needed.

The more tired I am, the more I struggle with worry, with anxiety. The concept of rest – isn’t necessarily sleep. It is this place of being with Jesus. A place to get full, to get filled up. Today I have seen this question posed to me – and the potent reminder to be still. Not give up. Find a place of quiet and get filled back up and keep walking. I was reading through the “5 Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit by Niki Koziarz” and this statement “Sometimes we want God to move our mountains but sometimes God says, “Take another lap.”” P171 hit me square between the eyes. The entire chapter was on being tired and evaluating why – and to rest up, not give up. Earlier in the day another book I was reading was on where and how do I find quiet (Finding Spiritual White Space by Bonnie Gray). I tend to keep moving and moving and moving, I am in a season where I have to be very intentional with finding quiet. With finding rest.

The problems and challenges in life come in all varieties. I want God to resolve them quickly. OR give me the ability to have the energy, stamina, strength to move through the day. But often that is not what God has in mind. He wants me to be utterly dependent on Him. It may mean I need to go another lap. It means that I recognize and lean into the quiet I desperately need. Its frustrating when I know I am struggling with worry, or I am exhausted because neither are a place that I want to be, yet I find myself there. How do I find quiet, that filling up that I desperately need when it often feels like I am pouring out more than is poured in.

The coffee shop is not quiet but I am finding quiet for my soul. I am sensing myself relaxing and resting. Slowing down within me. Trying to rest and simply be. How does one process all the information one hears, reads, learns if we don’t slow down and find quiet. When I stop and look at all the information that is pouring towards me – the question resonates now what? Being quiet requires me to put myself in the right position in relation to the Father.

The challenge of “CHOOSING TO BE”

Still. Knowing that God is God and HE is on the throne.

In HIS Presence. Enjoying Jesus.

Quiet. I am not talking about my words but my spirit. Though I am sure some would say not talking would be wise too.

Listening. Listening for HIS voice, directing me where to walk, what to say, what to pray.

Hungry and Thirsty for the word of God. For time with Jesus. For time with my family.

Compassionate. Merciful. Its a character trait of the Spirit.

Bold and gracious.



Ever Learning.

Wiling to face the truth even when its hard, despite its difficulties.

Following Jesus. Choosing to Follow. Choosing to Serve Him.

His Daughter.

Holy. Set Apart.


The list of things could go on, today the challenge is to be quiet, to be still, to work hard at listening and obeying.

Niki Koziarz’s book: 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit
Bonnie Gray’s book: Finding Spiritual White Space

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