The Question and the fight with Anxiety #intentional

The Question and the fight with Anxiety #intentional

“Is Jesus enough?”

The question was posed at the end of the sermon a couple of weeks ago.

“Is Jesus Enough? ”

Its a question that I have been mulling over. My computer has a a sticky note with it on it. It comes to mind as I walk thru my day. I think its a question that has stuck with me because of what the rest of the sermon was about – anxiety. Anxiety is something I struggle with, some days are better than other days. It tends to be an issue as I walk confidently in what God has for me next. Its goal – to derail me and strip me of the confidence I have in Jesus. It also tends to rear its head when I am focusing on an issue that I need God to show up in and redeem; lately it is with the words that I speak.

The issue with anxiety is that it is a joy stealer. It issues in condemnation. It likes to multiply and take over my thoughts. It produces unwanted physical results. The anxiety that I am talking about is not my friend and definitely not helpful.

The particular Sunday of this sermon I was sitting in the seat struggling with anxiety. I wanted it to go away. I wanted to walk in peace. Walk in joy. Walk in confidence. Anxious about the future. Anxious about what someone thought of me. Anxious about what the future would bring. Anxiety leaves no room for Jesus. It wants to choke Him out.

I have found that I need to have my tools ready when anxiety hits. Here are some that I fall back on regularly:

1. A song. Currently it is Chris Tomlin’s Jesus Loves Me. It speaks directly to my heart reminding me that I am loved. Reminding me that Jesus is enough. Reminding me that He has paid the price and I must believe and rest in that promise. A reminder that I am loved. I am not defined by my sin, by my job, by my circumstances. It reminds me that I belong to Jesus.

2. Reading my bible and journaling. Writing out my thoughts, my prayers and what I learn in scripture.

3. Propelled to Pray….I am propelled to pray when anxiety hits. It should be more frequent than when anxiety hits – but I find that when it wants to rear its ugly head I am propelled to pray.

4. Scripture. The Bible has a verse for right where I am at. When I choose to commit it to memory I am filling my arsenal for later on. I have tools and weapons at my disposal to fight anxiety when it comes.

5. Counting the joys. Ann Voskamp teaches this beautifully with her book 1000 Gifts, as we count our blessings no matter how small our focus changes. Our focus becomes grateful, joyful, peaceful, and uplifting. We are able to find joy in the hardships and the heartaches. Joy in the peace and the bounty. Joy in the lean and the hurt.

That Sunday sitting in church I was given a new tool – a question. A question that shifts my thinking. Shifts my perspective. Is Jesus Enough? When you look at all the tools in my tool belt it is all shifting my perspective back to Jesus and away from whatever is threatening my peace. The point of each of these tools is to get my heart, my spirit, and my mind to line up with the answer to this question – and it is Yes, Jesus is enough.

When we believe that Jesus is enough our focus changes because it is not about us.

When we believe that Jesus is enough our complaints are turned to counted gifts.

When we believe that Jesus is enough the bleakest of circumstances are bright because of who Jesus is.

When we believe that Jesus is enough the battle of the mind is won quicker because we shift our eyes from whatever is threatening our thoughts to the creator of our thoughts.

When we believe that Jesus is enough than the mountains move.

When we believe that Jesus is enough our lives are different.

So today I challenge you to do what I have been challenged with, ask yourself this question- is Jesus Enough. It is a question to ask not just when anxiety raises its head, or life is hard, but each and every moment – is Jesus enough? If He is then we should be living in a way that emulates Him and points others to Him.

Perspective shifting. Yes, Jesus is enough. He is enough for anything, everything, all areas and components of my life. Jesus is enough.

What are your favorite verses to help you when you see worry or anxiety rear its head?  Here are a few of mine:
* Philippians 4:6-7
* Matthew 6:31-34
* Psalm 28

A Personal Reflection as I am Growing & Learning


Chris Tomlin’s Jesus Loves Me

Sermon about Anxiety & the Question is Jesus Enough @ Gracepoint Kitsap

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