The Waterfall of Life…. my thoughts #fringehours

The Waterfall of Life…. my thoughts #fringehours

Our family enjoys going on adventures outside, this past weekend was no different. After church we hopped in the truck and proceeded to take a drive. With a few hours and a tank of gas you can drive around the canal area experiencing a variety of terrain, wildlife and landscape. The sun was shining and the wind was relatively calm. As we drove the sound was on our left, the waves hitting the shore and the ducks swimming against the current. We took a right and drove up the mountain and came to a small parking lot. When you cross the street and take a short hike you meet one of my favorite landscapes in nature – the waterfall. I have visited the fall at many different times through out the year. At times it is running fast and at other times its slow and steady.Feb2014HoodCanalPhoto3

When I quiet my soul and simply take in the sight I am reminded of God’s power, His might, and His creativity. The sermon this particular Sunday had been on how we can relieve stress by spending time with Jesus. The story of Mary and Martha and the famous verses – Martha Martha Martha, Mary has chosen what is best and it will not be taken away from her. (read about it here in Luke 10:38-42)

Looking at the waterfall and the change of terrain by the trees that had fallen. The smaller path of the rushing water because of the lower snow pack in the mountains a few simple truths resonated with me, including some from the sermon that day.

The scenery of the waterfall changes based on the weather. Our life changes based on activities, situations, relationships, responsibilities – different ways can impact the landscape of our life. Weather changes – it does not remain the same; it is the same way for our life. We have seasons. Sometimes those moments are quick like a thunderstorm and other times more long like Spring or Summer.

My youngest son was asking about the water asking where it came from if there was not a lot of snow melting. What we discussed was that the path of the water……seep out of the ground or melting snow to a stream to the landscape that cascades down a hill creating the waterfall to a fast moving stream over rocks maintaining momentum and then it calms but is moving fast and then you see the white rapids until it dumps into the large body of water. Just like our life. My life has had moments where it feels like I am being poured into drop by drop and then it is full gush of water.

Life can be like the path of the water. Water diverts to head a different direction for different reasons. Debris. Rocks. Sometimes huge logs. Other times its a small rock. Doesn’t take much to stop up the water or divert its path.


As we spend time with Jesus our ability to have something to give fills up. We fill up and pour out -if we are to low we have nothing to pour out or its piddly. We have to be filled up. Sometimes what it looks like is up in the mountain where you don’t realize that where the water is going is towards the waterfall. When we are filled up and have the right balance then the fall continues even when we have very little snow in the mountains. It takes consistent time with Jesus. Life doesn’t stop for us – we have to make sure that the time we spend with Him is quality, consistent and understand sometimes we may need more then at other times….because of what we are needing to pour out.Feb2014HoodCanalPhoto2


It is Friday so here is the latest photo of the WIP (work in progress) on The House that Love Built…..    WIPHouseThatLoveBuilt02272015Resources

The Sermon from Sunday

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