The Extra Minutes and Hours in my day….used how? Review: The Fringe Hours

The Extra Minutes and Hours in my day….used how? Review: The Fringe Hours

I saw the e-mail come through towards the end of the year, an opportunity to be a part of a Launch Team for Jessica Turner. I had seen Jessica through out the InCourage Bloom Study for “Lets All Be Brave” – and enjoyed listening to her and Angie as they walked through the book with Annie. As I read more of the e-mail, the more intrigued I got with the book she had written – a book called “The Fringe Hours”. I signed up to be a part of the launch team, I am so glad that I did.

This week is when this book is released for all the world to be able to read – I highly recommend reading it. As a woman in today’s fast paced moving culture I am guilty of putting my needs last. I have for a long time placed on the back shelf things that invigorate me, encourage me, fill me up, and that I am passionate about. Over the past six months this is an area of my life that God has been drawing my attention to. A life of balance includes finding ways to “do” things that I enjoy doing. As I read through the chapters of the Fringe Hours, I knew quickly some of the activities I enjoy doing that bring me joy, that are relaxing, and that when I have included them in my schedule I don’t find myself as stressed.

The First One: Quiet Time With Jesus
I love my time with Jesus. This time is precious to me but because I allowed myself to not stay balanced it received snippets of my time and energy rather than the first fruits of my day, my time and my energy. The more this has become the priority the better I find I use my time through out the day and its productive, rewarding, and refreshing. Stress tends to take a back seat.

The Second One: READING
I love to read. I used to be an avid reader and then I allowed it to not be a fixed part of my schedule. The question always ran through my mind – WHEN. One of the stories that Jessica shares as she explores what The Fringe Hours are – is a lady who read over 200 books in a year simply by using her extra time, time spent waiting for kids, errands, appointments etc. How many times I have had 5 minutes here, or 15 minutes there and spend it NOT being productive. By a simple re-prioritizing of how I use the extra few minutes I have through out the day, I have finished almost as many books as I read last year in this first 7 weeks of 2015.

The Third One: Cross Stitching / Needlework
I enjoy taking a blank piece of stitching fabric, a pattern, colors and needle to work together to create a piece of artwork. Watching it come together; working on technique; learning new tricks and stitches – are all things that I enjoy. As I read “The Fringe Hours” I decided to pull out my cross stitch (I have many unfinished projects and projects awaiting) and start working on it. To complete a project, especially the big ones, takes time – so I began to work a little bit each night as we watched tv. It was a way to spend time with my husband and family AND keep my hands busy working on the current project. This simple readjustment of my use of time allowed me to finish a project I have been working on completing for over 5 years in a relatively short time frame. The joy I am experiencing as I work on the needle work is priceless. I am thankful I chose to apply what I learned in the book to pick up my hobby again.

“The Fringe Hours” is a book that I would recommend that you add to your to read list. The tips and ideas that I have begun to apply as I work towards a balanced life. Jessica’s encouragement and candid words go straight to the heart of the matter. As I have approached 2015 as a year to be intentional, this book has played a part in what goals I have set and helping with my motivation. My thought process has gone from one of fighting guilt over being intentional and including things in my life that I enjoy to one that embraces that I am a better follower of Jesus and able to love the people around me when my approach to life is intentional and balanced.

The finished Cross Stitch Project that rekindled one of my creative passions:



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