Reflection from the morning….. #intentional

Reflection from the morning….. #intentional

“Give God room to be completely creative.”  pg. 5 Whispers of Hope, Beth Moore

As I read the words on the page today I was humbled and excited. Confirmation and a challenge came across the page to me. I want God to neatly explain to me everything that is on the agenda, everything that He has planned out. Don’t forget the time line – would like that included as well. It’s an arrogant response on my part.

I like order. I enjoy being creative but when it comes to my life and my day, I tend to lean on the side of order than I do on the side of creative.  I love how Beth said to “Give God room”…. I must make the shift and move out of the way so that God can do just that – be creative in me.

The message at church this Sunday talked about Great Faith & not being able to touch bottom. This concept of trusting God and walking obediently even when you are unsure where you are, or where the bottom of the water is. Walk and trust. Today was a confirmation again to have faith, be still, walk and trust. It was also a challenge to me to let go and get out of God’s way.

“If you are His child, God is working in your life in both creative and orderly ways.” pg 5. Whispers of Hope, Beth Moore

My challenge for today and this journey I am on, a journey filled with unknowns, challenge and adventure, full of growth is to trust and surrender to the Creator God and believe, know that He has a plan. If I meet and seek Him each day, follow and obey, I will look back on the day, the week, month, years and see His orderly, creativity in my life and what He has called me to do.

INTENTIONALLY giving God the room, trusting and surrendering to His creative and orderly ways.

~ personal reflection and response ~



Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore (10 week devotional on prayer)

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