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It is Friday and that means the Five Minute Friday Challenge. I am joining other bloggers over at Kate Motaung’s blog and writing with no stops, edits, backups , etc. Simply free writing for five minutes.



We live in a world where we push a button to send an email. We head to the post office to send a package. We walk to the bus stop to send our kids off to school. All to often we don’t stop to think about what the word ‘send’ means and how it applies to us as followers of Jesus. I know that I don’t at least.

I hear the word send and one of the first things that comes into my mind is the phrase “send out into all the world”, that I am “sent” to ends of the world. Called out. Sent out. Sent to be light and salt. All to often I work hard to not think about it, perhaps I should think about it more often though.

Jesus said in Matthew 28 to go in to all the world and make disciples. You and I have been sent. For a long time I thought being ‘sent’ meant going to a foreign land for a long time. I have learned over the years that it means going into the community and world around me. On-line and the community of people that I am able to connect with there. The community that comes together to worship each week and learn from God’s work, called the local church. The community of athletes and families that practice and prepare for Special Olympics events. The community for the local boy scout troop. My neighbors. My kids friends. My small group. I am sent to be a light, to point others to Jesus and intentional work to help propel them to a deeper relationship. I know that I don’t do the growth, that is Jesus job however I am called to encourage, to help water and be a part of the process.


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