Proverbs 15:4 and the Project

Have you ever had a project that never seemed to finish? You know which I am talking about. You work on it a few minutes here and a few minutes over there. You can see progress but it doesn’t seem significant. You can see the finish line but it just never seems to get there, you are tempted to give up. Tempted to stop or pause and do something different. Yet instinctively you know that if you will just keep going you will make it to the end. Next thing you know you are at the finish line, it is finished. Completed. Well done.


I had one of those moments this week. I have a cross stitch project I have been working on for well over 5 years. Life has taken some interesting twists and turns; I have worked on this project for pockets of time over the years. I almost stopped working on it this week; but my husband encouraged me to keep working on it. Telling me how close I was to being finished. I am glad that I didn’t stop. Now the project is in the final stages of completion and I can sense the feeling of accomplishment and pride over finishing.


The words my husband spoke made the difference.crossstichcelticchristmasB

Are your words to yourself helping or hurting the journey you are on?

Jesus is in the redemption business. Scripture says that He is making all things new. Do you find yourself impatient with Jesus and His time line in redeeming your life? Like the story of my project, we find ourselves at times in our journey of life wanting to stop being diligent in an area we know God wants to change and redeem us. Change is hard. Being intentional with our words and actions is not the easy way of doing things. The reward outweighs the work to get there.

Our words can stall us on this journey. They can help us or they can hinder us. The dialog of my mind is something God has been drawing my attention to lately. Proverbs 15:4 says “A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.” How is your self talk? Is it building you up or tearing you down? Is it encouraging you to continue to take the next steps that Jesus is calling you to take?

Four Quick Thoughts that I took away after studying Proverbs 15:4 today:
1. Being intentional with my words, my actions, my thoughts requires me to pay attention to what I am thinking, to what I say. If I am using words that bring life then my heart must be such that it is a natural outflow.
2. What I speak is an outpouring of what is in my heart; am I agreeing with Jesus in what He is redeeming and changing in my life? Am I fighting it? Am I giving up – what we think & speak is important to help us overcome those moments of doubts and wanting to give up.
3. Are we going to speak perversion and break our spirit or will we persevere and speak in such a way that life is breathed into our spirit; that we are agreeing with what God says about us and what He says we are to be doing.
4. We don’t always see the results of walking with Jesus right away; it can be easy to doubt but that is when what we say to ourselves and others is vital; I have been presented with this concept over the past week from a few different angles; there is going to be times on this journey where I don’t want to keep going, where it is frustrating and I lose sight of the point and the reason why I am doing this. I must then be ready to remind myself of ‘why’ I am doing that. Our why as followers can simply be because that action; that thought; that word is what Jesus says I am to do as His follower. Ex. Love your neighbor

Careful, thoughtful speech is a facet and outpouring of wisdom.


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Scripture quotations taken from the Holy Bible, New King James Version Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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