Thoughts as its 2 days before Christmas …. Advent 2014, Dec 23

Thoughts as its 2 days before Christmas …. Advent 2014, Dec 23

“For such a time as this” Esther 4:15

Its from the story of Queen Esther and the response her uncle Mordecai gave her as she decided to either approach the king or not. There were risks no matter what she chose to do. You can read the whole story in the book of Esther in the Old Testament. This verse is one of those famous verses – the point Mordecai was making was that perhaps the reason God had allowed Esther to become Queen was to approach the king and save the Jews. It is easy for me at times to simply gloss over the story and miss how this applies to me, even now.

No I am not a queen of a nation. I am not in a position of power and prestige. At least I am not by the standards the world sets. Wait a minute though, when I said yes to Jesus I became a daughter of the king.

Do you believe you can make a difference?

When you hear that question what comes to mind? Is it something big and massive, like ending world poverty? Maybe its equality for all? Perhaps its that the children in your town all have Christmas presents? A wayward child, spouse, family member and you wish you could do something to help their trajectory change?

Why do we think we are not called to be a part of the solution? We quickly dismiss that we have a part to play.

I think one reason we do this is because we under estimate the power of a simple prayer. We may not be able to give money, solve the problem or concern; but I have never seen a situation where we could not approach it with prayer.

Fear. Fear is a big one. When we know that we have a part we can and should play in a situation and we hesitate…for me a lot of times the hesitation is rooted in fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of looking silly. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure or success.

Lack of _______________: resources, wisdom, knowledge, time …..fill in the blank, there are many excuses we come up with to not act

As I look at the quick list I make it comes back to self, I care more about myself than I do what God is asking me to do. My pride, my desire to self-persevere paralyzes me so often from action.

I read a great quote in one of the advent devotionals I am going through, it says this: “Humility is the byproduct of being with Jesus. Anyone who walks intimately with Him will not think more highly of himself than he should. To be loved by Jesus and invited into a relationship with Him, is all we need to right-size ourselves and to assume His gentleness and grace.” (December 18th – Waiting Here for You: An Advent Journey of Hope) The more I hangout with Jesus, the more I learn and walk with Him, I can not stay the same. The more I walk with Jesus the more propelled to action I become. The more I get to know Jesus, the more I follow, the more I imitate Jesus – the more I hope others see Him in me.

One of the questions posed in The Greatest Gift has to do with what is my “for such a time as this.” What if that moment is what is right in front of me. The opportunity to love on my family in a new way. The opportunity to share what God has placed on my heart. The opportunity to learn more and more about leadership. The opportunity to pray. There are so many moments where I react versus purposefully respond. Moments that Jesus has come across my path, and so often I choose to not be intentional. Part of the story of Esther that really hit home was that Mordecai knew God would take care of His people with or without Esther; but he also saw that God had orchestrated events in her life so that she would have the opportunity to be the tool used to effect the solution.

God has placed me in a unique position. No one else has the same sphere of influence as I do at this very moment. The opportunities for interactions, for prayer, for compassion, for learning are unique to me. We each have a unique path that intersects and connects with others in a way that God can see and allows. This year my ‘for such a time as this’ is leaning into the very moment I am in. Right here. Right now. Not sitting at my desk pining away for what has been or what could be. Instead enjoying and embracing right where I find myself. That is where I start. When we embrace the right here and right now the way God designed then I can approach the throne and ask about the what is next; to dream and to goal set. I am able to intentionally approach what is to come so it becomes the best right now. Humbly. Intimacy with Jesus – keeps me in the position of following Jesus confidently.

I am excited. As we approach Christmas and 2015 God is calling me to pause and meet with Him. To see what He wants for the upcoming year. To lean in and learn all He wants to teach and show me through out today and the days to come. It would be easy to gloss over the surface of this time but then what would I learn. More than likely I would have to wander and come back to it again; that is not something I want to do.

What is my ‘for such a time as this’ – it is leaning in and walking thru each moment of the right here and now. God has shown me the path we are going to walk to set goals & dream of the future. Its a future that requires me to be very present right here and now. Being mindful of what God allows to come my way. Not hesitating to act but to be walking so closely with Him, I have a confident response.

~ personal response ~

What is your “for such a time as this? What are you excited about for Christmas 2015? Would enjoy hearing your thoughts here, facebook or by e-mail.

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Scripture quotations taken from the The Holy Bible, New International Version Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

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