Its a Birthday Celebration…..Advent 2014, Dec 10

Its a Birthday Celebration…..Advent 2014, Dec 10

December 10th early in the morning  God sent me a blessing whose name is Zach. Its been 17 years and it seems like it was yesterday. The journey God has taken Zach and our family on is one wreathed with grace, love and hope. I know the journey is not finished. Along the way we have had people weave in and out of our story, each has played an important part. Some might say having a birthday in December is a tad hard because of Christmas but I am thankful Zach was born in December. Christmas is  a time to celebrate the hope that Jesus brings. There are times when I need the reminder that God loves me, loves each of us and that miracles happen every day.  I look at Zach, his brothers, my husband; at our story and I am reminded that there is hope. Sometimes miracles are different then we want them to be but they are miracles. I have learned to have a different perspective. God has shown up in our story and His grace and His power win.


Zach reminds me to not lose hope. He has a heart that loves all those around him. He is not afraid of hard work. He is very determined. From the uncertainty of whether he would talk to being able to read to know what will he do as an adult, God has been faithful. Each turn I have thought was an obstacle has turned out to simply be a new chapter and God had all the details figured out. He reads well now, dreams of being a historian, and well loves to talk and ask questions.

zach17birthdaydinnerHappy Birthday Zach – thanks for loving each of us and being a shining light of Jesus in our lives.

zach17readingadvent2014Zach reading the nightly advent devotion…….its his job (I asked him too one night and he has taken it over)


Advent Resources:

The Greatest Gift & Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

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