Advent 2014, December 2 ….. a personal reflection

Advent 2014, December 2 ….. a personal reflection

Snowcapped mountains.

Crystal Clear Skies.

Crisp Cold Air.

It is December in the Pacific Northwest. Driving through town today – the beauty of God’s artwork evident all around me.

Pause at the wonderment of creation and the love that went into the creation of me, of you. Love propels us to compassion. Love propels us to action. Love helps us trust. Two questions posed today have me thinking – one is over the wonderment of creation and that I was made from the overflow of God’s love. While the reading was in Genesis chapter one, it correlates to a verse that God had me stop at in Psalms 42.

“Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls; all Your breakers and our waves have rolled over me.” Psalms 42:7 (NASB)


The wonder of creation, the wonder of the world He created.

The flowers blooming in spring – reminding me of new growth; that after the barren winter comes new life.

The bald eagle with his wide wing span and quiet strength soaring in the sky.

The snow capped mountains, pristine and beautiful. Speaking of the beauty and purpose of the cold winter months.

The fall leaves turning vibrant colors, a beautiful landscape portrait of diversity. Not each year turning at the exact same time but requiring specific changes in the environment. Similar to my life and that God’s timing is perfect; and at just the right time when things are as He wants He will move.

The ocean and the powerful waves hitting the beach or rocks. It is one of the most powerful reminders in creation of God’s power, His love. When I find myself struggling to have hope and my faith waning I stop and look at the water. It reminds me that the waves, the storm serves a purpose. Its vastness puts into perspective whatever is bothering me into its proper place. I am also reminded that He will not let me drown; that God has me firmly in the palm of His hand. He is allowing the storm. He is allowing the opportunity for my faith to grow (feels like a crisis though often). The sand shifts beneath the waves, but GOD is my firm rock and will not move just because the waves are crashing up and over. He is faithful.

I struggle with allowing myself to pause and think about God’s love for me, I see the wonder and beauty of creation. It refreshes my soul, but its easier to see God’s love for others, but not as easy to embrace that it is for me. It has me puzzling as to why? Why am I struggling with how much God loves me??

One of the greatest wonders to me is God coming down to earth. Jesus being born in a manger. He loves us so much that He left heaven and came down here to earth, and began his journey as a baby. Grew up, became a man, taught His disciples (and us) how to live a new way, died on the cross – taking my sins (and yours) and rose again; conquering death and what separates us from Him. As the very creation that He created from His love, why do I snub the fact He loves me so much?

This morning, I went for a walk at our local mall (it’s a free, warm, & great way to get exercise) and listened to a podcast from a series on Hope. This particular podcast was on finding hope when there is disappointment. One – it was not what I expected the topic to be. Two – it is exactly what I needed to hear. Disappointment is one reason I struggle with God’s love for me at moments. Does God disappoint? I don’t think He does, I think the issue is my perception on what God should do; I am disappointed when He doesn’t “do what I think He should do.” One of the points in the message has to do with God is good, and if its not good then God’s not done yet. God is good is not always easy to remember or believe. When I struggle to believe the truth that God is good – I need to recapture my wonder of God; one of the best ways for me is to look at creation and reflect (talk to Jesus).

The message mentioned that we have a lot of “if only’s” that come out when things don’t go like we think they should. I am struggling with an “if only”….but its not what many might think. Its not “if only” God would have allowed the outcome to be different; because I believe God is sovereign and He allowed it and He is and will work it for His good. (I could right pages unpacking that statement alone but not today). The “if only” I am struggling with is – “if only” God would clearly shows us where, when, and what is next. I find myself working to not be disappointed in where I find myself in this season. Its a season of newness and healing; unsure of ministry (where does God want me), scared and taking risks with my writing, of where to serve – I desperately want Him to be clear with go here, do this, don’t do that, green light, ‘that’s an awesome idea’, yes what You are wanting is a go; the response brings with it a twinge of disappointment. Disappointment because God’s answer is not what or how I would answer if I were the one calling the shots. Yet He is saying – not yet, stay still, eyes on me, walk with me. I was reminded full force that God’s timing is always perfect and He will answer and direct in His time….NOT mine.

Because God loves me.

Because He created me from His love.

I can and do believe that He is good and His timing is perfect. He sees. He hears. He walks along side and He will move at just the right time.

I have hope.

I am loved. Loved by a triune God who cares about each and every detail of not just me but of each of us. When I struggle to remember and to see how much God loves me, I need to recapture my wonder of what He created.

His love overwhelms me.

His love – I don’t deserve yet I am a recipient of it.

His love transforms.

His love redeems.

His love – words can not adequately express the depth, the width the vastness of it and how powerful it is. It seeps into every corner of my life. Love seeps in, every crack, every crevice, every hurt, pain, joy, happiness, disappointment, sorrow.

Love transforms and HOPE grows.

Christmas 2014 – Jesus showing up in my life in a fresh and powerful way.



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