Turn …..

Turn …..

This post is part of the link up for the Five Minute Friday over at Kate Motaung’s Blog , where you write for Five Minutes on a specific word and the goal is to just write & no editing. (It is supposed to be a free write)

Here is my five minute write:

Messy into beautiful.

Tart into sweet.

Often I find myself wishing that things would turn a corner. A child making poor choices, you find yourself wondering if they will turn the corner of making a better choice. The path of unemployment, will the path turn towards a job, maybe a new career. Sickness seems to plague the road you are on, you wonder will it turn towards healing and health again.

Standing in my kitchen earlier this week working on dinner I was reminded how I take ingredients that don’t always seem to work together and make a dinner out of them. Yet if I don’t follow the instructions and allow the cooking to happen as it should the result may be different than what I had planned.

Life is like that. We have a path that we are on and we find that it has various components. Perhaps sickness, perhaps a loss of a job, the death of a loved one, choices of others we love that we don’t understand or agree with, struggles, blessings. We wonder why? We wonder how will this be used for good. It is not what we would put together to make something delightful. Yet the beauty of Jesus and His power is that He turns what makes no sense, what doesn’t seem to go together and weaves it together to something beautiful. Something sweet.

Waiting for Jesus to turn it into something beautiful requires patience, faith, and hope.

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