Thankful for Fall in the Pacific Northwest

Thankful for Fall in the Pacific Northwest



The time of year when……

Blustery winds blow through the trees. Leaves falling to the ground.

A rainbow of colors clothe the trees.

Rain returns.

Flip flops are put away till a warmer day.

Sweaters and rain jackets become the norm.

The temperature outside steadily on the decline.

Its not quite cold enough for snow but not warm enough to not turn the heat on.

fall clouds

The time of year where…..

A hot beverage, a good book, snuggled up on the couch is where free time is spent.

The pace of life shifts.

School has started.

After school activities have begun.

Football season.

Parties are now in doors.

Not much outside work can begun so your focus shifts to the inside.

Christmas plans have begun.

fall cup of coffee

You pause and ……….

Reflect on all that God has done for you this past year.

Give thanks.

You spend time ………

With family and friends.

Creating memories.

Being more compassionate.

fall sunset

I am thankful for fall….

To watch how nature changes. The color of the leaves.

It reminds me that God allows seasons in my life for my good.

The harvest picked. The harvest put away.

God’s provision for the upcoming months.


I am thankful for the reminder that what I do in the month of November and during the fall should be what I am during all year long.


November. It is at the tale end of the fall season. It hosts the American holiday of Thanksgiving and Veterans Day. Its the next to last month of the year. You are beginning to think about Christmas. Holiday shopping. Family. Friends. Food. Its also a month where you begin to hear people talking about what they are thankful for. Its a habit we should embrace the year round, but during the month of November it is a characteristic that shares center stage.

Each Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving my goal is to pause and be intentionally thankful.

  • Week one (today – November 6) is being thankful for FALL.
  • Week Two (November 13)  is being thankful for FOOD(fall & Thanksgiving).
  • Week Three (November 20) is being thankful for FESTIVITIES (Thanksgiving).
  • Week Four (Thanksgiving, November 27) is being thankful for Friends and Family.

I hope you will join us here, on Facebook and Twitter and share what you are thankful for.








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