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Have you ever been dared before? I think back to grade school and how we would taunt each other with the “I dare you to _______” and some ridiculous prank or task would be said. If you didn’t go along you were not “cool” and if you did go along you ended up not looking or feeling “cool.” It was a no win situation.

By nature I am a low risk taker. Over the years I have learned to take more risks in areas of my life, but I would still not label myself as high risk. I like to calculate things out and thoroughly think thru things before I make step.

I am challenged though with a dare on my life. A dare that I think is worth all the risks and the payoff’s for embracing this dare are immeasurable.

I am dared to….

Read my Bible.

Love like Jesus.

Love my family.

Love Jesus with all of who I am.


Get involved with my community, local and globally. Find a way to give back.

Be involved in my family’s lives. My spouse. My kids. My siblings. My parents. How can I be involved?

Work at putting others first.

Counting the gifts of the day. What can I be thankful for?

It’s a dare list that has many more that could be added to it. The payoff of this dare are worth taking the risk. Will you take the dare with me?



  • richellelwright

    October 24, 2014 at 6:02 pm Reply

    Nothing more to say about this post other than… I LOVE it! And YES! I strive to take that dare every single day.


    • Gail Campbell

      October 24, 2014 at 6:05 pm Reply

      Thanks Richelle! Its a great and challenging way to live life! Thanks for stopping by.

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