All the colors of the rainbow.

Nature. I can tell if I am slowing down and enjoying life by my response to nature and creation around me. When I am busy and not restful, I miss the creation around me. The sun shining. The rays of sun breaking thru the clouds of the northwest. The stormy winds whipping the waves up. The calmness of a summer day when the water is still. The birds playing.


Our backyard is still an array of flowers and plants growing. You can see the plants beginning to finish up their growing season & preparing for winter, but still there is new growth & flowers appearing. To be still and take notice of the world around us. Life has seasons. Sometimes its growth evident to all. Other times its pruning, cutting back so that the growth is healthy and continues. Winter is often the hardest time because nature looks like it is asleep. Yet without a seed dying how can it become a plant and transform into what God designed it. Learning to delight in each season of life we find ourselves in. Learning to rest in Him. Learning to trust Him deeper than before. He sees, He hears, He answers. He loves me. He loves you. It’s hard to see and understand sometime that God loves me so much He is allowing a season of pain, hurt, questioning. We learn more about God during those times in the great times. Mountains don’t go just up, they also go down. In between mountains, are other terrains such as a valley, a dessert, possibly a river.

Delight in today. In all of its highs. All of its lows. Take account of the world around us and let’s delight in it. Let us equip ourselves to find joy in our day.

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