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Today’s gift challenge, 3 Gifts Framed. Simple. Yet deep. So many things that have gone on during my day today that fit. The way that God framed my experiences and interactions with people. The way He is framing my mindset. Yet the three that I landed on are actual picture frames & what they capture.

I like art. Paintings. Photographs. Needlepoint. Drawings. Each communicates uniquely the message of its creator. Simplicity. Depth. Joy. Hurt. Sorrow. Peace. Gratitude.

Three pieces of art, different in size, shape, message and location.

The first gift framed is an old frame around an old etching of farm house. It is over 100 years old and is showing its wear. It reminds me that life changes. Things don’t stay the same. The photo hangs in our living room near the fireplace. Worn out corners. Yellowed paper. No matter the changes that life will bring, God is. He has been around since the photo was taken and will be around for long after it is no more. I am thankful that He is the same today, tomorrow, forever.

The second gift framed hangs on the wall in my office. It is a print by a famous painter. It captures the beauty of nature and the woods, and a solitary chapel. Often I get so busy its easy to forget grace, peace, beauty because its do, do, do. When I look up from my desk I am reminded that no matter the day, no matter the circumstance, despite all that tries to rob me of the joy Jesus brings – it is still there. God has not moved. He provides me with His peace, grace, and beauty. The print framed & hanging reminds me of those truths.

Tiny. Silver. Round. Sitting on my desk by my computer is a photo framed. The third gift, is a framed picture of my husband and I on our wedding day. The framed picture also holds a special place because it was put together by a friend who has now gone to be with Jesus. The moment captured shows that God is a God of grace & redemption. He takes the brokenness and turns it into something beautiful. When I let God lead He takes care of the details far better than I can. When I pray, I often pray thinking I know the answer. The romance story that God has written reminds me that He does hear my prayers.

All three framed gifts remind me of different aspects of God’s character and how He has and is teaching me to follow Him better.

105 – 3 Gifts Framed :: The photo of my husband and I on our wedding day; reminding me of the power of redemption and that God answers prayers
104 – 3 Gifts Framed :: the forest chapel print, reminding me of God’s grace, peace, and beauty
103 – 3 Gifts Framed :: the old frame around the old photo of a farm house
(3 Gifts from my 2014 Gifts Journal)

For more information on the Count 1000 Gifts Challenge – visit and read A Thousand Gifts by Anne Voskamp; it is perspective changing.

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