This week’s Five Minute Free Write is the word Reach…..there are no edits, no worries about punctuation; just me writing to the prompt given over on Kate Motaung’s blog.

Reach down and pull me up. Pull my head up and draw my eyes to see you. Not see the muck. The dirt. The grime. Reach down and help me to see you. To see your beauty. Your majesty. Your might & your power.


You reach down and you touch me right where I am at. Jesus I don’t understand the way you work or master plan. I simply know that you reach down & you touch me. You redeem and show up in the places that I would like to skip over. Those places of pain. Of garbage. Those places in my life where really I need you the most.

I am reaching out to you. I do want your reach, your touch, your presence to be real. So real I can see and taste it. Help me to shift my perspective. My hands are reaching. My eyes. My heart. My soul. They are reaching for you.


Thank you Jesus for reaching down. Not just reaching down but joining me right where I am at. You want to work on these areas of me, these areas that I don’t see as beautiful, yet you see something different. Your master hand is reaching and beautifying. Changing and redeeming. Your grace is reaching areas of my life I didn’t realize needed your touch. Your redeeming love and power moving and permeating; the valleys and the mountains are a reflection of your loving reach into my life.

It is as you reach those areas that I am learning to rejoice in all things more. That I am learning to not look away from the pain but to walk thru it with you. Your reach has and is the lifeline thru the darkest of dark and the brightest of bright.



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  • Cindi

    August 31, 2014 at 10:05 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful. “Draw near….”

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