Learning to slow down….

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Slow down. Two words I do not enjoy hearing.

Rush here.
Quick, get that done now.
Run over there.
Cann’t forget that to do list. DSC_0785

Life is missed because I don’t slow down. Our family had a chance to head to the ocean for a few days. A favorite thing to do is to climb the rocks and view the ocean. If we hurry we often miss the creatures playing in the water; the waves crashing against the rocks. I would have missed the porpoise playing in the water and the pelicans flying close by.


The outing reminds me that I need to be okay with slowing down; that God did not design me to rush and have an over full plate. He wants me to be conscious of what I use my time for. This is a hard lesson for me to learn and one I am working, growing and painfully processing thru. The ability to slow down.


It’s when I slow down that I see God working thru the little things.

It’s in the slow moments that I am able to enjoy the flowers blooming or the birds chirping.

It’s in the slow moments that the words of Scripture jump off the page and take root in my heart.

It’s in the slow moments that I am able to not be overwhelmed.

It’s the slow moments where I am able to easily join Jesus in what He is up to.

It’s in the slow moments that I am able to watch my kids grow, change, and learn.


When life is rushed those moments are gone.

Rushing thru life makes it easy for me to miss out on my relationships, from the Father down to my youngest son.

Rushing thru life keeps me from growing to my maximum because I am stressed, stretched and worn out.

Rushing makes it very easy for me to gripe, complain, and be tired versus slowing down and being thankful, joyful, and fully present.

One of the biggest things for me that I am learning is that I can not be fully present if I am rushing and busy. Its when I slow down and make the time that I can be fully present right where I am at. I want to be able to have balance…..able to enjoy each moment of the day.

I don’t have this figured out. It’s a learning process and can be very painful at times. The choice to change the waters of my life from busy and rushed to slow and steady requires changes in choices and what my ‘yes’s are. I find that I want the change to happen now and yet God’s answer is to wait and be patient, it is not going to happen over night. One choice at a time. One step at a time. Eyes on the Father. Don’t speed thru this process or I will miss the lesson and the deep heart change He wants and is orchestrating.



Jesus is changing me.

He is drawing me near. Showing me things. Changing me. Drawing me near.

I miss him drawing me to himself when I allow myself to be rushed, to be overly busy.

Being busy is addictive. We get used to it and so when we realize we are too busy it’s a challenge to slow down and not be rushed.

The challenge for me is to slow down & not be rushed. It may be busy but my spirit should not be. I should be at peace. Able to be all present wherever and with whomever I am with. One day at a time, one decision at a time. Steady determination and a willing to learn and change can and will turn the tide from rushing to slowing, becoming a clearer reflection of Jesus, His grace, love, truth and redemption.

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  • Lisa

    August 31, 2014 at 12:32 pm Reply

    Hi! I found you via FMF and loved this post. Man can I relate! I’ve been doing the same thing lately. I love that you pointed out about missing the porpoise playing when we’re not slowed down. I live on the water and this is so true! Those critters force me to stop and wait…waiting for them to resurface so as to appreciate their graceful beauty again and again. Lovely post…and thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve written a couple times on my blog about the Bonnie Gray book that’s been helping me. Now I have another one for a follow up. Yay

    • Gail Campbell

      August 31, 2014 at 4:54 pm Reply

      Thanks Lisa! I am reading the Bonnie Gray book too – it is so good. This is an area God keeps bringing before me, whether books or little messages. Lysa is an amazing writer – you should enjoy it. I enjoy her writing and am challenged by what I read. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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