Change ……

Change ……



Five letter word that has great impact.

Small. Big.
Far Impacting.
Heart Effected.
Heart breaking.
Joy Soaring.

Change. An assured part of life and not always easy to deal with or accept. I want to be okay with change. To be flexible when I need to be. Ready to adapt and learn. The changes that happen that are consequences are not always easy to handle. Changes caused by others are hard to navigate at times.

The change of the heart is the change that I want though. It hurts. Its hard. But it is worth the effort. I want to be more like Jesus and that requires change. It requires me working thru hurts, wounds, bad habits, sin issues and allowing the powerful work of Jesus and His grace and love to change me.

Jesus love changes me. It has changed me and it is changing me. The best kind of change; changes connected to his redeeming grace, to the power of his love & the might of the cross.


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  • judith heaney

    August 24, 2014 at 1:33 pm Reply

    Your words carry such truth and I am glad that I discovered them through the FMF family. Change in our own strength and by our own efforts is not nearly as long-lasting or heart-impacting as the change that comes when we surrender all we are to Jesus and let Him continue the good works he began in us.

    Thank you for these words that serve as a reminder to seek Him.

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