Bloom: 5 Minute Friday Challenge

Bloom: 5 Minute Friday Challenge

This afternoon I was able to attend and celebrate with a young couple in their wedding. It sang of beauty, God’s grace, and the power of His love. Their story is full of ups and downs but thru it all a love for each other and God has grown from it.

Life is like that though; when we let it; from adversity, from heartache, blooms life and beauty. We enjoy spring and summer because of the new growth we see. The beauty of flowers opening. The beauty of vegetables and fruit growing in the fields.

So often I forget about the blooming. When life gets tough it is so much easier to get lost in the moment of hurt and pain and forget the blooming that comes. Whether is pruing. Whether its a dry season. Winter’s norm. The blooming of spring does come again. I must remain patient and hope. The tears of sorrow; despair; hurt; joy water that ground so that something of beauty will bloom and God’s beauty will be seen.
Five Minute Friday

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