2014 Gifts Journal

A Holy Experience A challenge that I am embracing is The Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience

I am challenged to work on my perspective of being thankful in all things. The scavenger of hunt of finding joys through out my day intrigues me and helps stretch me on what I am thankful for.



2014 Gifts Journal

263 – new crockpot recipe for pot roast, yumm!
262 – a chance to be out of the house for a little bit…..reading the book On the Shoulder of Hobbits by Markos
261 – a free gift peppermint chocolate coffee (yummy!)
260 – package left on the porch….curiosity peaked
259 – candles that smell of Christmas
258 – time with friends over a shared meal
257 – the smile of my son on his birthday
256 – beautiful christmas music from the flute
255 – coloring of ornaments
254 – Christmas lights on the tree before its dark and comes on
253 – the Christmas lights beginning to line the streets of town
252 – Jesse Tree Ornaments colored by Jeremiah
251 – beautiful Christmas flowers
250 – sounds of Christmas music
249 – Jesus’ overwhelming grace
248 – the hope that Jesus brings
247 – chocolate with almonds
246 -the sweet sound of worship
245 – my husband’s smile
244 – Friends who walk along us in the high and lows
243 – Volunteer Opportunity
242 – Walk with a friend
241 – bright lights of the gym watching my eldest son practice basketball
240- the questions & laughter that brightened my day
239 – the bright sunshine with no clouds around it
238 – home made snowflake made by my youngest
237 – chicken with bacon, cheese, mushrooms
236 – snow capped mountains
235 – Sleep
234 – A warm blanket
233 – Being sick and needing help from my family
232 – The sacrifice of the cross
231 – Jesus’ leadership & grace
230 – Christ’s love
229 – Grateful for shelter and food
228 – Grateful for the kind heart of my husband
227 – Grateful for the opportunity to worship at a local church
226 – Enjoying our time as a family together
225 – The ability to take a road trip with them
224 – The laughter of my family
223 – the beauty of fall colors
222 – the crisp air of autumn
221 – an autumn day is a great day for hot soup
220- made paleo pepperoni, hamburger soup (aka inside out pizza soup)
219 – passed on the love of Jesus by helping someone who needed help in a way that I could help
218 – coffee with a dear friend
217 – Laughter at a joke my husband shared
216 – Laughter with a friend as we walked and shared
215 – A delightful chuckle interacting with my youngest
214 – crying, letting Jesus touch my heart
213 – memorial service for a beautiful baby girl
212 – Interactions
211 – Spontaneous conversations with friends
210 – Beautiful Drive on a sunny full day
209 – Spending time looking through lots of books & then finding some at a reduced price
208 – Quiet Phone
207 – Quiet house
206 – Nature; the sun shining and the wind still
205 – Jeremiah’s Smile
204 – Sunshine in the middle of the day
203 – Finished Blog Post
202 – Seeing my hubby when he came home from work
201 – Coffee Creamer
200 – Groceries
199 – Remembering the journey that Jesus has walked with me on and been there waiting for me to turn to Him
198 – Remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for me
197 – Remembering the sacrifice my dad made for my freedom
196 – King David carrying for the crippled son of his friend Jonathan
195 – God’s Majesty
194 – power in the voice of God
193 – The weather holding off while we were walking
192 – Great food: Bang Bang Shrimp & Chicken and Peanut Butter Cheesecake for Dessert
191 – Fun trip to Seattle with the family
190 – Coffee
189 – Salty: Peanuts on top of icecream
188 – Sweet : donuts
187 – The leaves on the ground & falling off the trees
186 – The snow on the mountain tops
185 – The fall clouds & sunshine
184 – Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
183 – K Cups to enjoy my morning coffee
182 – Crushed toppings over Frozen Yogurt
181 – Book finished & a Book Started
180 – Time with a friend over coffee
179 – Ingredients for Dinner
178 – Nice Hot Coffee
177 – Not raining; the break in the weather of rain
176 – Neck Rub helping relieve stress from the day
175 – Clothed in Jesus’ grace
174 – Thankfulness
173 – A Fall Sweater
172 – The WORD
171 – A prayer
170 – Jesus, my Savior
169 – Peanut butter chocolate candy
168 – Buffalo Wing Flavored Cheese
167 – 4 cheese mac n cheese wit honey chicken tenders
166 – the coffee meeting my husband had went well
165 – website update done with very little downtime
164 – seeing a friend unexpectedly
163 – direction on my writing and the blog
162 – A well timed free webinar on a tool for writing
161 – 5th Grade Band Rehersal…..beautiful joyful music
160 – Joy in Christ (despite the circumstances)
159 – Wisdom found in Christ (directing each step)
158 – Peace found in Christ (during the stormy season)
157 – Happy :: the response from my husband over the house
156 – Honoring :: positive feedback and encouragement on my writing
155 – Humbling :: Being in this transition position
154 – A glass of Chocolate Mint Wine Reading on the couch next to my husband
153 – Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
152 – Homemade Zuppa Soup (Recipe here)
151 – sleeping in….no alarm clocks needed today!
150 – menu planning and grocery shopping….a little bit of organization & a way to serve my family
149 – relaxing and enjoying the slow start of the day
148 – a meeting gone well @ the school
147 – dinner with the family, laughing (and no dishes!)
146 – Lunch with the hubby @ one of our favorite restaurants
145 – my husbands arms around me in the embrace of a hug
144 – the unrushed day
143 – Sitting on the couch reading and listening to the rain
142 – Apple Cider Vinegar & Soap…..the hot tub for fruit flies (surprisingly works well)
141 – Philly Cheese Steak in a casserole dish – a new recipe found over at Betty Crocker
140 – Pumpkin Pie Mix Syrup in my Latte!
139 – the words that my husband uses to make me laugh…especially when tears have threatened and succeeded in overflowing
138 – unexpected look into the life of the church…..not expected but thankful God allowed us to see it
137 – A reminder of why I go to church….its not about how I look or smell, thank you for the reminder spilled coffee!
136 – an amazing husband out on a camping trip with the youngest despite the weather
135 – Fall Rain, warmth, and wind
134 – The headache….causing me to stop and take a much needed rest
133 – Let’s All be Brave by Annie F. Downs
132 – The Writing Compass by Millman and Prasada
131 – The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst
130 – All my writing magazines
129 – James 5:12 My Memory Verse for the week….all about my yes be yes and my no be no
128 – Isaiah 1:18 “Though my sins are as scarlet they shall be white as snow” (author personalization)
127 – The Psalms
126 – That I am adjusting to a new schedule
125 – An opportunity to begin to relax
124 – A doctors appointment gone well
123 – To see God in the moments of my day
122 – Peace through a busy day
121 – For God to show up at a meeting
120 – toast with homemade apple butter
119 – the salsa and ketchup we canned from the farm fresh tomatoes
118 – biscotti with dark chocolate @ the coffee shop
117 – A Kiss
116 – A Hug
A smile
114 – The sound of laughter falling on my ears from my family
113 – The sunshine falling on my husband’s hair and face, thankful for him
112 – The sunshine falling on the leaves in the trees dissipating the dark
111 – The Sunshine Bright and Clear on a Fall Day
110 – Fall Leaves beginning to turn orange
109 – Pumpkins coming out an adorning the fall attire
108 – A car that works reliably
107 – The ability to move forward in what God has next
106 –
God’s plan for me
105 – The photo of my husband and I on our wedding day; reminding me of the power of redemption and that God answers prayers
104 – the forest chapel print, reminding me of God’s grace, peace, and beauty
103 – the old frame around the old photo of a farm house
102 – Dark Chocolate Almond Bark
101 – allowing Jesus to cut out that which does not belong
100 – fresh vegetables ordaining the lettuce on my dinner plate
99 – The entire family enjoying one last day of vacation before all the activities of fall begins
98 – Enjoying the warmth of the sunshine
97 – The beauty of the plants still growing, there are still raspberries & strawberries growing
96 – laughter over nothing specific
95 – the time to see and be with family
94 – the ocean and waves lapping over my feet

93 – the coolness that evening brings from the heat of a summer day
92 – the deep fried ice cream my husband brought to me
91 – the county fair with all the people, the noise, and interesting carnival food
90 – a fun afternoon hanging with my youngest son
89 – the simple design of a jelly fish moving in the water reminding me of God’s creative and master design
88 – reading and journalling while watching the breeze blow thru the trees
87 – gorgeous day relaxing and taking care of my family
86 – The beauty of the warm summer day. Sunshine. Clean air
85 – The excitement of kids @ kids camp enjoying the adventure and learning about Jesus. Its why tired is okay.
84 – God’s encouragement for the day folded into the graphics of various posts on facebook…..an unlikely source of encouragement
83 – a friends beautiful comment on facebook, providing me with encouragement
82 – “When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you; understanding will keep you.” Prov 2:10-11
81 – The gift loved; that Jesus asks me to follow Him
80 – The gift loved; a beautiful morning to take a few pictures capturing the calmness on the water and the sun shining
79 – The gift loved; my husband shows me he loves me in so many ways; tonight it was attempting to fix my closet shelf so my clothes could go back up & bbq in the sweltering heat!
78 – working outside removing weeds and the remnants of winter
77 – the warmth of summer, bringing warmth to the body & a smile to the face
76 – Thankful for Costco and the ability to get food for teenager boys 🙂
75 – A beautiful morning with the sunshine playing peekaboo.
74 – the morning rain watering the earth under its feet
73 – the flowers beautiful blossoms, its a colorful array of colors seen from the sunroom window. Reminder of God’s love for beauty
72 – how my heart has grown thru helping the team prepare for this years trip; an edge of the cliff God is faithful and He is the lead journey
71 – the amazing stories I am hearing of God working in the missions team in Mexico
70 – the safe return of my husband from business travel
69 – the beautiful sunshine after the stormy rainy weather
68 – the stirrings of spring
67 – The fun of watching a movie together in the theater
66 – the struggle of parenting
65 – the beauty of the mountains peaking thru the clouds; showing off their beautiful white snow caps
64 – exploring the museum & learning more about the history of the area
63 – spending the day with my husband, laughing & connecting
62 – the holiday allowing for extra sleep & time with the family
61 – the rain and snow to water the earth
60 – worshiping with other believers despite the weather
59 – time with family we don’t see very often
58 – the strong storm, reminds me of God’s power over creation
57 – the quiet of home after a weekend of fun away
56 – time walking with my husband hand in and hand on the beach
55 – my youngest excitement over the upcoming football game today
54 – unhurried time in the Word; journaling, writing and pondering
53 – the marine layer gone & the glorious ocean and beaches for the eyes to see
52 – God’s reminder that He has brought me here for such a time as this
51 – a new restaurant to try out; good home cooked fun & family memories
50 – my youngest climbing on the rocks and having fun
49 – driving on the beach
48 – waves crashing on the rocks; God’s powerful creation
47 – the beautiful ocean waves
46 – cinnamon salt water taffy
45 – tears in my eyes as I see the pride in Zach’s face when they call his name & the cheerleaders cheer
44 – watching my first high school exhibition game
43 – exploring the homeschool shop for fun puzzles, books, and materials
42 – relaxing and getting my hair done
41 – a lunch date with my hubby; a rare and fun treat
40 – connecting with the team; provides direction & encouragement
39 – coffee, music, and the Word; a great way to start the day
38 – watching Special Olympians have fun practicing at basketball, warms my heart
37 – encouraging news about behavior and school work
36 – prayer with sisters
35 – an opportunity to read & study God’s word with an amazing group of girls
34 – God maximizing my time so that I was able to accomplish things on my to-do list
33 – the sun after the clouds….reminding me of God’s glory & grace
32 – a warm & dry house
31 – watching a powerful wind and rain storm come thru
30 – an opportunity to rest
29 – family night with mexican food and a fun 3d movie
28 – morning at the salon getting my nails done
27 – day four of successful change in trajectory
26 – the strong arms of my husband’s hug
25 – An unexpected thank you gift
24 – the team that I work with – who is more a family then a group of employees
23 – much needed sleep
22 – The sunshine thru the pouring down rain in the middle of winter, thankful for the moisture (and that it is not extremely cold)
21 – the aha breakthru moment where God revealed a tactic of the enemy & my eyes were opened
20 – productive day; the mind focused on the task at hand
19 – day two of successful tutoring
18 – a successful tutoring session; hope rekindles
17 – the prayers of warriors uplifting when the waves threaten to knock down
16 – the beautiful morning sunrise; red hues accenting the mountain behind the inlet of water
15 – home sweet home
14 – the beauty of God’s creation; the birds – the water – the frost
13 – safe travels home
12 – Amazing IceCream with my amazing family
11 – a drive along the coast; the coastline shifting as we travel down the road
10 – the beauty of Haystack Rock with the waves crashing all around
9 – the sound of the ocean, the waves lapsing as it crashes on the shore
8 – a gorgeous sunset on the beach; reminding me of how much God loves me
7 – the unexpected words on an audio book; refreshing and renewing the Spirit
6 – the laughter and suspense of watching a movie with my husband
5 – the experience of an old diner restaurant on a quaint old town street
4 – the American flag moving in the wind against the backdrop of ocean waves
3 – the reflection of the clouds above on the waters below at night, creating a unique reflection of light, stillness and beauty
2- a beautiful rainbow adorning the mountains overshadowing the river
1- sun rays breaking thru the clouds showing an amazing sunset

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