My prayer for this Christmas……


What is your hope for this Christmas season? For you? When this season Is over and you look back at the past month, what would you like to be able to see? 






This Advent Season I want it to be….




A time with Jesus showing up – a shift in perspective.

A time where my heart is softened; to see Christmas like never before.

That at the end of this Christmas season it is the beginning of a new way of thinking, of living.

God has been shaking up how I view things. Creating in me a desire for radical obedience.

That I am living a little more out of myself.

I am loving better.

I am seeing Jesus in each moment. Each person.

The hope of Christmas is not stuff – its Jesus!

That I will have a stronger confidence in Jesus and what HE is up to.

The radical obedience of YES before JESUS asks me to obey.

A heart ready, wanting, willing to do ANYTHING Jesus asks.
Allowing Jesus to turn my world upside down more and more

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