November 1, 2013

It’s been a while since I have sat down and blogged, but I am hoping to do it more consistently. I am a redeemed prodigal, learning how to follow Jesus in the moment to moment of my every day life. Its not easy, and having grown up in the religious bubble – I find it extremely difficult to not get caught up in doing “all the right things.”

Lately God has been working the same theme in my life, multiple different ways. Moving out of my comfort zone and following Him where He leads me. It’s easy for me to hide behind the lie that because of my past I am unqualified. It boils down to fear; fear of leaving my comfort zone; fear of what others think; fear of failure.

Two books I have read in the past few months and they both weave together; Love Does by Bob Goff and Anything by Jennie Allen. I have been challenged to let go of what I see as “normal” and the typical Christian life to walks as Jesus did. Its not a new theme, I have heard it over and over at church – but in the past few years and in recent months, God has been bringing me a to a place where I must wrestle with this tension. Do I want the typical, non-radical faith walk OR the adventure of joining Him where He is at? Do I want to live a life that is focused on going to work, making dinner, cleaning house OR a life that is seeing Jesus show up in the daily activities, God divined interruptions, re-arranged schedules, a messy life being redeemed and Jesus seeping out of every crevice. One sounds exciting and like the Gospels, the other seems rather dull and not full of life.

One way that God is helping me shake things up is by taking the Joy Dare that Ann Voskamp’s, author of One Thousand Gifts has over on her blog:  ( . Today’s Joy Challenge was 3 Gifts Eaten ||

  1. Baked Apples,
  2. Toast
  3. A Slice of Pizza……God has provided food on our table.

Join me as I work to count the gifts God has given &  follow Jesus with abandon.

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